Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Silver Investment Company? ECF?

Hi Everyone,

My name is Peter, and I am an experienced trader and investor.

I occasionally get invited to talks and seminars on a lot of investment opportunity. I created this blog to review on the company whether they are Legit or a Scam. I have several other blogs for other company, I'll post the link below in a few days. All my reviews are just base on my own opinion and knowledge.

We also know that there are forums out there that talks about such things but I find them unprofessional. Especially forum like HWZ, a place where bunch of teenagers with no investment experience come and comment if a company is good or not. Majority of them did no research and the first thing they comment is "Look at company name, sure scam". With no proof and evidence. You cannot trust such people so I decided to share my professional views. I invite you to leave a comment if you have any questions.

So, recently I was invited to a meal by a friend of mine and he introduced me to something new. ECF Silver.
The core business is related to silver trading if I remember correctly. They also deal with physical silver.

My friend introduced me to a presenter, who uses a ppt to present the details of the company to me. At first I was pretty skeptical, but I must say I was impressed by the presenter. She spoke perfect english and mandarin and managed to answer most of my tough questions with ease.
 Most of the staff are young. That's the bad point. But when I ask them about their education background, most of them are also Uni Grads from good schools. This is very important for a management of a company. I've seen company's management that are all simply ah lians and ah bengs, majority are dropouts and they cannot even answer any questions without using singlish.

So is the project good? Seems pretty promising to me. Silver is at its all time low now. In trading, we like to use what we call Ceiling and Floor as a factor to determine is it a bullish market (Going up) or a bearish market (Going down)

Stock market and share prices is already at the Ceiling which will likely fall in time to come. Silver is not really at its floor yet, but near. However, when the stock market comes crashing down, Gold and Silver will increase in price. Furthermore, USA is printing too much USD and will further devalue the dollar and Gold and Silver will once again see a bullish future.

However, I am still a little skeptical about the returns they are giving. From the looks of it, it is still possible but I'll have to do more research. Overall, ECF is definitely legal, much more legal than a lot of companies I've sceen. I'll do more research and post again soon. Meanwhile, leave a comment if you have any questions to ask.